System Maintenance Notice 系统维护公告

2017-08-31 19:09:29

World Crypto Exchange platform will be closed on 31/8/2017 11pm for upgrading. All the transactions will be closed temporarily. Expected maintenance time is one hour. 

The updates will be as follows: 
1. Transactions for RMB to WCG currency are closed. 

2. Authentication for personal account registration email is closed. The system automatically verifies the individual accounts, no manual verification is required.

3. FeiMa Wallet is officially open on-line for recharge service.

Please take note. Thank you!


World Crypto Exchange 交易平台将于31/08/2017 晚上11时正进行更新平台。届时将暂时关闭交易。 预计维护时间为1个小时

1、人民币对华克金币种交易关闭 。
2、个人账户注册邮箱认证关闭 系统自动为个人账户完成认证 无需手动认证。




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